Melville Walbeck | Last Night’s Show and Why We’ll Never Be Back to the Coventry Inn
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Last Night’s Show and Why We’ll Never Be Back to the Coventry Inn

Last Night’s Show and Why We’ll Never Be Back to the Coventry Inn


Thanks for making it out last evening and barring the storm.  The 20-30 people who attended really made it a great evening of music for us.  We appreciate all your support.  Again, good beers, good food, and good music made it a great evening.

Now onto the title of this post.  I have contemplated writing a post to this degree most of the night, but when I feel our dedication and motivation as a band has been questioned I need to respond.

When we were asked to play at the Coventry Inn it was for a set price for 3 hours of music.  This is usually how restaurant/bar gigs work.  Pretty simple really.  However, please be aware that this post has nothing to do about money. We are not that kind of band, this is not our livelihood.  We play because we enjoy doing so.

We began our 1st set at 9:15 then, at 11pm, due to the increasing accumulation of ice and snow, and for the safety of our fans, decided to call it quits.  I was made aware that other acts scheduled to play at nearby establishments had canceled due to weather. The Coventry Inn was the only establishment to have live music and certainly benefited from this, not to mention our dedicated fans who stayed to eat, drink and enjoy the evening.

Upon packing-up the owner of the Coventry Inn approached us, at this point I realize that our agreement stated we should play for 3 hours, and I expect since we cut our time by a third, that our pay should reflect that.  This is how it should be, and this would be a decision I would wholeheartedly respect, and understand.  However, when the owner came over with our 2 hour payment he stated that the dock in pay was because “Our hearts were not in it.”

Our hearts were not in it. Deep breath. Ok, now onto my point of this post. I realize he was not aware of our tenure as a duo; our weekly practices; time spent away from family and friends to make shows like this happen. But I am certain that he was aware of the dangerous conditions it took to get there and filling his establishment with patrons who took the time out of their schedules to support a local business by purchasing food and beverages and come out to hear us play.  Chelsea and I decided out of principal and personal insult, that we would return the payment to the owner. We would chalk the show up as a free show for our friends. After events like this, we are certain of one thing, we will NOT do business with anyone that will EVER question whether or not our hearts were in any type of performance.

And this, friends and listeners is ‘why we will never be back to the Coventry Inn.’

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